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2009-2010 ST4003 Data Mining lab material

This is the labs page for the fourth year undergraduate course in data mining for MSISS and mathematics students, lectured by Dr Myra O'Reagan.

Useful Links

Introduction to R

R reference card

RSeek, Google powered search engine of R resources


Lab 1 - Examining Data

Lab 2 - A Basic Tree Classifier

Lab 3 - More Trees

Lab 4 - More Programming Concepts and Model Evaluation

Lab 5 - Introduction to Neural Networks

Lab 6 - Random Forests

Lab 7 - Introduction to Support Vector Machines

Data Sets

Telecom Customer Churn Data (small version)

Titanic Survivor Data

Cheese Taste Data

ESL SVM simulated data

The labs for this year were written by Dr Myra O'Reagan, following on from the 2009-10 labs by Louis Aslett.